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KAYTUS takes security vulnerabilities very seriously and strives to respond promptly and appropriately. We work diligently to resolve issues when problems arise and provide recommendations through security advisories and security notices.

Security Notice(SN): Provide information of general interest about security topics related to KAYTUS products or the use of KAYTUS products.

Security Advisory(SA): Provide information about security vulnerabilities identified with KAYTUS products, including any fixes, workarounds, or other actions.



Security Advisories

Security Notices

Security Advisory - Security updates related to LogoFAIL and other vulnerabi...

2024-04-28 | Security Advisory

LogoFail:The BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, and TGA parsing inventory contained in the BIOS UEFI system firmware is vulnerable. These libraries are used to parse personalized boot logo image...

Security Notice - Statement On Some AMI MegaRAC BMC Vulnerabilities

2022-12-07 | Security Notices

Eclypsium Research has discovered and reported 3 vulnerabilities(CVE-2022-40259、CVE-2022-40242、CVE-2022-2827) in AMI MegaRAC Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) software. We are ...

Security Notice - Statement On Spring Framework RCE Vulnerability

2022-04-01 | Security Notices

A Spring MVC or Spring WebFlux application running on JDK 9+ may be vulnerable to remote code execution (RCE) via data binding. The specific exploit requires the application to run...

Security Notice - Statement On Apache Log4j2 Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228

2021-12-13 | Security Notices

Apache Log4j2 <=2.14.1 JNDI features used in configuration, log messages, and parameters do not protect against attacker controlled LDAP and other JNDI related endpoints. An attack...

Security Notice - Statement On Ripple20 Vulnerabilities

2020-06-23 | Security Notices

The JSOF research lab has discovered a series of zero-day vulnerabilities in a widely used low-level TCP/IP software library developed by Treck, Inc. The 19 vulnerabilities, given ...

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