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KAYTUS Unveils State-of-the-Art Innovation Center in Seoul for Next-Gen Compute Solutions


Latest server and AI development solution testing, as well as troubleshooting support are offered locally, helping customers access powerful computing resource faster and more efficiently

Seoul, June 18, 2024 – KAYTUS, a leading IT infrastructure provider announced the opening of the “Innovation Center” in Seoul. This center will enable Korean customers to explore cutting -edge compute solutions without the need for upfront infrastructure investment.

Located in Yeouido, the establishment of “KAYTUS Innovation Center” aims to meet the growing needs in strong computing for AI and Cloud applications among local customers. The center offers a space to experience various compute solutions and provides an environment to quickly test these technologies before full-scale implementation. By leveraging the “KAYTUS Innovation Center”, customers can verify the performance and feasibility of compute solutions, ensuring that they are ready for practical application in real-world operations.


The center is equipped with the latest compute products such as Green Computing featuring eco-friendly liquid cooling solutions, AI development solution, multi-node servers, open-compute systems, and dedicated KAYTUS brand spaces.


Emerging new technologies, including GenAI and AI+Science, drives a new round of development in applications, drawing customers’ attention to computing and resource utilization. With this newly established center, customers can test the performance of servers on the latest chip platforms locally to secure investment returns. KAYTUS also provides the AI development solution testing on its AI development platform MotusAI. It can be paired with GPU server, enabling efficient GPU resource scheduling and task orchestration. Additionally, KAYTUS has infrastructure experts to support customers in seamlessly designing, testing related solutions and troubleshooting faults. In the event of server malfunctions, KAYTUS experts can remotely reproduce and repair the fault, helping customers solve the problem efficiently. KAYTUS addresses the concerns of Korean customers regarding the practical use of compute products by offering a group of specialists as part of its expansion into the Korean market.


James Lee, Country Manager of KAYTUS Korea, stated, "We are thrilled to open the KAYTUS Innovation Center in Korea. Through the KAYTUS Innovation Center, we will support local customers and partners in quickly adopting and utilizing the latest computing technologies to enhance their business competitiveness. We plan to continue expanding our investment in Korea in the future."



KAYTUS is a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, delivering a diverse range of cutting-edge, open, and eco-friendly products for cloud, AI, edge computing, and other emerging applications. With a customer-centric approach, KAYTUS is agile and responsive to user needs through its adaptable business model. Discover more at KAYTUS.com


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