Accelerating Customer Digitalization Process

KAYTUS is a provider of IT infrastructure products and solutions, offering a range of cutting-edge, open, and environmentally-friendly infrastructure products for cloud, Al, edge, and other emerging scenarios. With a customer-centric approach, KAYTUS flexibly responds to user needs through its agile business model.

  • Rack and Tower Servers
  • GPU Servers
  • Edge Servers
  • Multi-Node Servers

Cloud computing, virtualization, big data, video transcoding

● Rack and Tower Servers

● Multi-node Servers

Rack and Tower Servers

LLM training, AI+science, metaverse, image and speech recognition, natural language processing

GPU Servers

Intelligent O&M, quality inspection, fault diagnosis, autonomous driving

Edge Servers

The ultimate performance experi-ence and new generation of high-density energy-saving data centers

Multi-Node Servers
  • Ultimate Innovation

    Ultimate Innovation

    Support the broadest processors, offer scenario-driven design, and adopt extreme quality control

  • Full-stack AI

    Full-stack AI

    Empower customers from the system, and software to the algorithm

  • All in Liquid-cooling

    All in Liquid-cooling

    Embrace an all in liquid-cooling strategy with a focus on energy-saving and low-carbon principles

  • Customer-centric


    Our joint design and manufacturing business model paves the way for innovation, offering agile service for 70+ countries and regions


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